What You Should Do If Your Refrigerator Is Not Getting Cold

Posted on: 30 August 2022

Your refrigerator is responsible for cooling your food down and keeping it at a safe temperature for later consumption. It helps lengthen the life of the food when stored in the appliance. There may be times when this appliance doesn't exactly work as it should. If you notice that your appliance is not cooling down properly, is warm, or you have patches of warm spots in your refrigerator, you should know how to troubleshoot it and get it repaired. Read on for some tips to help you if you notice that your refrigerator is not getting cold. 

Check The Thermostat 

Check the thermostat setting on the refrigerator. If it isn't set properly or was changed, it may be causing an issue with the temperature in the refrigerator. Try to adjust it to the coldest setting and do not open the door for a couple of hours. Check it again after a few hours and see if it has changed in temperature at all. If it hasn't changed, the temperature setting is not the problem, and it may be something else entirely different.

Check The Door Seal

Check the seal around the door to see if it is cracked or dry-rotted. If it is, it may be causing the air inside the refrigerator to escape and the warmer air in your home to get inside. This may lead to too much warm air in your refrigerator and your refrigerator will not be able to keep a constant temperature. You should replace the door seal entirely with a brand-new one. You can find a new door seal for your refrigerator from your local appliance parts supplier. Remove the old door seal and scrape away any debris remaining around the door. Install the new door seal and use the new screws that came with the new door seal. Check to see if this helps keep in the cool air in your refrigerator.

Unblock The Air Vents

Your air vents inside your refrigerator may be blocked. This can happen when you've overloaded your refrigerator or freezer with too much food. You may need to empty some of the food out of your refrigerator or freezer and unblock these vents to allow for the proper flow of air inside. 

If you have warm air in your refrigerator, or you notice that the air in your refrigerator is not as cool as it should be, you should use the information above as a guide. If you still cannot get your refrigerator to cool as it should, it's time to call a professional appliance repair company to help you.

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