Three Switches In Your Hot Tub That Could Keep The Water From Getting Hot

Posted on: 24 May 2022

Figuring out why your hot tub won't heat is challenging since several things can cause this problem. Even if an error code pinpoints the cause, you may not understand the code or know how to go about making repairs. There are simple things you can check when your tub doesn't have hot water, such as a tripped breaker or tripped GFCI outlet. You should also check the filter to make sure it isn't blocked.

However, you may need to call a hot tub repair company to figure out what's wrong and replace or repair the bad part. Your tub might be shut down because of safety switches. Here are three switches that can keep your hot tub from heating the water.

High-Limit Switch

The high-limit switch is a safety feature that shuts the hot tub down if the water temperature gets too high. When the water is too hot, it could burn you when you slide into the tub. The water might also get so hot that it harms the hot tub. That's why the high-limit switch shuts the heater down before the water gets hot enough to be dangerous.

If the high-limit switch is bad, it needs to be replaced. When it's bad, the switch might be tripping even if the water isn't hot. However, the hot tub repair technician needs to verify that the high-limit switch is bad rather than something being wrong with the hot tub that's making the water too hot.

For example, there might be a thermostat problem that's causing the water to overheat. If that's the case, the technician can reset the high-limit switch rather than replace it once repairs to the thermostat have been made.

Flow Switch

The flow switch monitors the flow of water in your tub. If the water flow drops, the switch triggers and shuts down the heater. The switch monitors the flow with paddles that the water holds open when the flow is sufficient.

If the paddles break, or if the switch develops other problems, the switch needs to be replaced. A hot tub repair technician also looks for problems that may have triggered the switch such as a low water level in the hot tub.

Pressure Switch

A pressure switch monitors your tub's water pressure rather than flow. If the pressure drops, the switch shuts down the heater so the water won't get too hot. If the switch tripped due to a problem in the hot tub, it can be reset once repairs are done. If the switch itself is bad, the hot tub repair technician can replace it with a new one.

All three switches are important safety mechanisms that prevent the water in your tub from getting too hot, so it's important that they work properly. When the water in your tub isn't heating up, let a professional fix the problem so you don't have to worry about safety issues with your hot tub. Contact a local hot tub repair service, such as The Spa Guys, to learn more.