What To Do If Your Washing Machine Stops Working

Posted on: 7 August 2020

The washing machine in your home is one appliance that gets a lot of use. If you have a large family, the wear and tear on the washing machine can be much higher, and a breakdown may require you to call someone to make a washer repair for you. 

Water Pump Failure

One of the most common problems washing machines have is filling up with water and then not draining when the cycle changes. This often points to a problem with the pump in the machine, and replacing the pump is a job for a washer repair service. 

The pump is inside the housing near the bottom of the washing machine drum, and when it stops working, the washer repair service will need to take the case off the washer to access the pump. All of the water in the machine needs to be drained out before the pump can be changed, and if it is not done right, it will leak on the floor under the machine. 

Once the water is drained, the technician can replace the pump with a new one and get the washer running again. While the pump should last the life of the machine, when it stops working, the entire washing machine becomes inoperable until a washing machine repair company can replace it. If it fails while the machine is under warranty, it is often covered by the warranty.

Belt Failures

The drive belt on the washing machine runs from an electric motor under the drum to the washing machines water pump. Often the belt on the washer will start to squeak loudly before it fails, so if you hear it, that is a sign it is time to call a washer repair service and have them inspect the machine for you.

The belt is easily accessible under the machine once the back panel is removed, and the repair will not take very long to make, but if you wait until the belt breaks, the belt can damage other parts under the washing machine when it snaps. 

Electrical Failures

The most complex breakdown for any washer repair tech to diagnose is related to the electronics that control the machine. There can be many electronic parts on modern washing machines, and if the controls stop working, it is a big job to determine what needs replacing. 

In some cases, the complexity of the control system is as involved as replacing a computer. The controller in these machines may need specialized tools and equipment to work on, or a factory-trained washer repair tech might be the best option for the job.