Three Ways To Order Appliance Parts So You Do Not Have To Wait For The Repair Technician To Get Them

Posted on: 16 September 2016

One of the biggest hassles of having your major appliances repaired is the time it takes to get the correct parts in and then a second visit from the repair technician to install the new parts. You can bypass all of that if you get the parts yourself. Here are three ways to acquire the parts you need before your technician ever shows up.

Take the Broken Parts to the Store and Order the Replacements There

Generally, when you can see the broken parts in your appliances, then you already know what is wrong and what you need to replace. For example, if you have water jet spinners in your dishwasher, but they have completely broken off or dislodged and will not stay put, you can pick up these parts and take them to the store. There are almost always numbers on these parts, which the sales associates at a place like All Brand Supply, can look up in the store computer and then order your parts that way.

Use the Store's Self-Service Counter

Many stores that sell appliances have a self-service counter for looking up parts and ordering them. Sometimes you can access these sites from home, but most of the time you have to enter the stores to use them. Using the numbers on the parts you have in hand, type the numbers into the parts search engine. It should bring up every part that is remotely close to what you are holding. Then you can narrow it down by appearance, dimensions and machines for which a part is recommended. Then you can have the part shipped directly to your house.

Call the Company/Manufacturer

In the event that your appliance is still under warranty, you should call the company and/or manufacturer. Describe the problematic parts to the representative, and provide your machine's model and serial numbers. Then the representative can place an order for these parts and have them shipped directly to your home.

Even if your appliances are no longer covered by the warranty, the company or manufacturer will still know exactly what parts to order for you and you would still get the parts. The added benefit to ordering the parts this way is that you would get bona fide parts for your appliances that are not generic knock-offs, which may only work for a short time and then you would have to replace them again. Additionally, some appliance manufacturers restrict parts production so that you would have to order certain parts from them anyway.