4 Questions To Consider Before Replacing A Problematic Refrigerator

Posted on: 18 July 2016

Are you getting ready to start shopping around for a replacement for your malfunctioning refrigerator? If you have not attempted to get the refrigerator repaired, you might want to in case the problem is an easy fix. Typical refrigerator problems are sometimes as simple as needing a new air compressor installed. This article has a few of the questions that you should ask yourself that might be linked to a bad air compressor.

Is Your Refrigerator Unusually Quiet?

When a refrigerator becomes quiet, it is a sign that the air compressor is not running as often as it should.  You might need to get the compressor inspected to find out if the motor is worn out. Replacing a bad motor is an easy fix that should lead to your air compressor functioning as it should.

Has the Refrigerator Become Noisy?

If you are dealing with a noisy refrigerator, the problem likely stems from the air compressor running on a continuous basis. When an air compressor does not automatically shut off every now and then, it causes the fan and motor to wear out. The reason it is running so much is likely due to it being unable to reach the thermostat temperature. You will either need to get the air compressor replaced altogether or the fan could be the problem.

Have You Checked the Circuit Breakers?

If your refrigerator has not been functioning at all, it does not mean that you have to replace it. You might want to check the electrical panel to make sure the breaker is on. It is possible that there is no repair needed for your refrigerator and that it is simply not receiving any power from the electrical outlet. If the circuit breakers are on, the air compressor is likely damaged or the refrigerator is simply worn out.

Do You Smell Anything Burning?

A burning odor from a refrigerator is a serious problem that requires an emergency repair. The problem can stem from shorts being in wires that can spark up a fire at any given time. The wires in your refrigerator or the electrical outlet that it is plugged into might be overheating. It is also possible that the burning odor is the result of the air compressor overworking and getting excessively hot. Make an appointment for an appliance repair specialist like those found at ASAP Appliance Repair, Inc. to visit your home and find out why your refrigerator has been malfunctioning.